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SuperJavascript.com is a site dedicated to providing simple, well-explained tutorials on all things Javascript. My goal is to explain things in depth and simply, so both complete beginners can get started, and experienced devs can learn something too. Here are the most recent tutorials:

10 Tips For Effective Javascript Debugging

10 tips for effective javascript debugging

JavaScript Array Filter

Learn how JS Filters work.


Learn how Webpack works and how you can use it simply in your next project to save you time.

Make fewer JS mistakes with TypeScript

Making your JS code more reliable

JavaScript Notifications

Show popup alerts in the taskbar for your visitors and users.

JavaScript parseInt

Convert strings to whole numbers with parseInt.

JavaScript Promises

Learn how to do asynchronous work in Javascript without messy nested callbacks with promises.

JavaScript setTimeout

Schedules work to be done at a later time.

JavaScript Dates

Learn how to create dates in JavaScript and how to work with them.

JavaScript splice

Used to add and remove items from an array.

Javascript Regex

Regex is a powerful text search tool. Use this for finding and replacing string patterns in text.

Javascript Trim

Trim is a useful utility to remove whitespace from strings.

JavaScript forEach

Learn how forEach() can help you loop through arrays and set up pipelines.

Javascript Reduce

Reduce is all about sifting through a list of items, inspecting them, and a running tally.

Javascript Substring

Substring will return part of the string your provide. This tutorial will teach you how to use Javascript Substring.

JavaScript Arrays

Learn how they work, how to add and remove items, use map and splice, and much more.

JavaScript Map

Map is used to convert all items in an array. Learn how to use this great function.


Useful JS tools that I have found and like to use.